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One significant change for St Mary’s Church in promoting our ‘whole mission’ in the next 5 years is the steeply rising cost of our parish share.
This comes after a period of relative stability, so the sharp rate of increase is understandably alarming,
confusing, and variously invigorating and disheartening.
‘Parish share’ is the amount every parish contributes to resource mission and ministry across our Guildford diocese.
By 2023 Send’s annual parish share is due to double to over £80,000. The chart shows the expected increases.

Scroll down to listen to Tony's explanation as given to the congregation on 27th October 2019


St Mary Send

Annual Parish Share

Annual Change £ Annual Change %
CumulativeChange %
2019 £39,560
2020 £51,871 + £12,311 +31% + 31%
2021 £64,773 + £12,902 +25%
+ 64%
2022 £78,287 + £13,514 +21% + 98%
2023 £80,244
+ £1957 +3% + 103%
Hopefully we can find ways of rising to the challenge of raising the money required to cover the running costs of the church. If not, then what? If we don’t or can’t pay the full parish share, the most extreme scenario is that the 800-year-old church will be regarded as ‘no longer required as a place of worship’ and would close or be made redundant. More realistically, perhaps, it is likely that some scheme of parish reorganisation will be proposed in the next 5-10 years. ‘Pastoral reorganisation’ is a euphemism for joining parishes together.

Is there some way you can help us to keep our lovely village church open?
Ideally we would like to welcome you as a member of our congregation, just come along to our services!
If that is not for you, we would be pleased to receive your financial support, preferably by regular payments.  Click here to download a standing order form, which includes bank account details.  You can set up standing orders by filling in the form and sending it to your bank, or by your usual online banking.
If you are a UK taxpayer you can help us further by Gift Aiding your giving - it costs you no more, but increases the value of your donations by 25%!
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